Ongoing and selected projects from our recent past

Construction and operation of photovoltaic systems on the conversion sites of mining management company LMBV and site development and rehabilitation firm GESA

Purchase and leasing of land, establishment of building rights, financing and commercial management of photovoltaic systems

Joint venture with Diersch & Schröder Group in Bremen for the planning and construction of wind power systems

Appointment of general partner, early-stage financing and contract management

Landowner representation for the planning and construction of a wind farm in Schleswig-Holstein

Foundation of landowner company, conclusion of leases and selection of general contractors

Property development for property firm Bremer Straße Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG in Achim

Appointment of general partner and project initiation

Planning of wind power systems in Khuzestan, Iran

Project initiation and early-stage financing

Transformation consultancy in Cuba

Workshops in business management and restructuring, organisation of delegation trips and capacity building

Transformation consultancy in Kosovo

Tender for professional service provider for Trepca Mining, restructuring consultancy, restitution

Transformation consultancy in Vietnam

Valuation and conversion of ‘socially-owned enterprises’ into ‘state-owned enterprises’

Valuation of regional power supply companies for KfW Bank

Valuation of the gas supply branches of public utility companies, contract management

Valuation of foreign assets of former German Democratic Republic for state privatisation agency Treuhandanstalt and its successor the BvS

identification, determination, power of disposition and sales support